I am a very motivated and hardworking individual who is not afraid to face new challenges of any kind. I have always tried to get ahead of time without cutting corners. Although I am still a student, I am already taking off-university projects as a freelance practitioner.

I was born and raised in Bulgaria where I was always being motivated by my family to try something new, to push my limits and to achieve my goals. I was passionate about learning from a very early age. Being one of the top students in class was just part of the daily life. When I turned 16 I was already bilingual and was studying Spanish as a third language. That was the time when I decided to live and study in the UK. It took me several months to pass the required tests and to receive offers from 4 universities in England. When I got here I continued to achieve great results and the work I produced was very well accepted.

My Workflow

My work always follows a strictly organised set of procedures. First, I like to get to know the client and what he is after. Then I usually like to take some time to come up with solutions for his needs. If the client is happy with what I offer, he is requested to write a brief containing all details of the project. My response to the brief is a concept for the project. If the client approves the concept, I move to the production stage until the project is completely finished.