The Glass Egg concept Poster 2 sketch Poster 2 Poster 2 application Poster 6 sketch Poster 6 Poster 6 application Banner 6 as billboard Banner 6

IE9: Web Meets Beauty

The Brief

The task was part of the D&AD Student Awards 2011 and the brief was about re-establishment of the Internet Explorer brand for the new version of the browser.

The Project

I decided to follow Microsoft's advertisement language for Windows 7 by using the same backgrounds and fonts, thus emphasizing on Microsoft's values. I was after an easily recognisable element and I came up with the Glass Egg.

The egg has a simple but memorable shape and I think its clean look gives the impression of something new and sophisticated. I designed a few posters and banners and showed how they could be used in order to popularise the new version of the browser.